Welcome to MR Text & Design. I provide personal and responsible service for website design, print design and Dutch-to-English and English-to-Dutch translation of texts. Please contact me and I’ll get back to you.

My hourly fee for design assignments is €85. See below for a guideline on cost for website design but please contact me for a quote.

– Basic Website = €750
– Full-feature Website = €1550

A basic website is a WordPress website without complicated and time-consuming plug-ins and features. Most portfolio websites and personal pages fit under this category. To apply for this package, the domain name needs to be registered and WordPress already installed on the server. You will receive instructions on how to format all texts and images you’d like to have on the website. These need to be the final texts and image materials.

A full-featured website is built to your specifications; including the implementation of social media, forums, or any other extensive feature.

Note: Setting up a web shop is an additional fee of €250.

Text editing
– New Project = €45 hourly
– Adapt/Translate short project = €150
– Adapt/Translate long project = €250

New Project: new text for a website, flyer, press article, or other written medium for which there is a direction but nothing has been put on paper yet. Is the project a book or other large press-ready project? Contact me for a quote. My pricing is adjusted for these jobs. Please make sure to note the following:

– The number of pages the project has (in Microsoft Word or another text editor)
– How many illustrations (if applicable) will have to be integrated
– The type of project (book, flyer, etc.)
– If the project is a book: the type of book (novel, photography, etc.)
– What the deadline is
– What the current status of the book is (completed, in editing, etc.) and when it will be done.

A small, new project like a flyer, blog article, or web text of <1000 words is roughly €200. Is your project much smaller, the price might be lower. Request a quote to find out.

A large project like writing/translating all text on a website, in a booklet, or in a company report, usually comes to €300. This usually translates to 1000 – 2500 words. If your project is longer than that, please request a quote.

Services (per year)
– Minor Maintenance = €270
– Major Maintenance = €520
– Editorial Package (placement) = €1040

Service packages are offered to new and existing customers. All service packages are invoiced annually and paid at the start of the period.

A minor maintenance package is for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about their website at all. I make sure it’s up-to-date and once a month, I’ll put up a blog post you’ve provided or edit other content for you. Do you want the freedom to have me place content more often? Consider a major maintenance package!

Editorial packages are used for website maintenance; for individuals or companies who want new content on their website but don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. An editorial package (placement) allows you to submit content through e-mail, which I will then place on the website at your requested time. I will provide or edit content if you choose the editorial package (writing/placement). For both editorial packages, keeping the website software up-to-date will be the responsibility of the website owner.

If the project runs long due to the customer, these hours will be billed and added to the final invoice. Be aware that this will increase the initial quoted estimate.